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Real Estate Transfer
of Your Aerobic System


When you sell or buy residential real estate with an aerobic wastewater treatment system in Texas, the Texas Administrative Code Title 30 Part 1 Chapter 285 Subchapter A Rule 285.3, requires that a valid maintenance contract be in effect and that a completed affidavit to the public be filed.

Before you buy, Houck Aerobic Systems would be happy to help you with a proper inspection of the system.  We maintain 4 state licenses (Wastewater, OSSF Maintenance Company, OSSF Maintenance Provider, OSSF Installer II) and manufacturer certifications on 10 brands of aerobic systems.  The typical home inspector may not be qualified to inspect the system.

Buyers and sellers alike should beware.  Costs could be significant for a variety of reasons.  What if the system doesn't have a valid permit (license to operate)?  What if major mechanical or electrical components are malfunctioning and need to be replaced?  What if the system needs to be pumped out?

We can help.  Larry Houck, owner of Houck Aerobic Systems, has been successfully servicing aerobic wastewater treatment systems for over 10 years and also has over 20 years of industrial mechanical and electrical experience.  We can fix it!


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