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Aerobic System FAQ's

Why does my aerobic system smell when the water sprays?

Aerobic wastewater treatment systems should not smell septic, if they do then something is wrong.  Chlorine will not solve septic smells.  Aerobic system smells are caused by 1 or 2 different problems or a combination of both.

Step #1:  Verify that aerobic system mechanical/electrical components are working properly.  If it is a mechanical problem, it is often due to a malfunctioning air system (i.e., air pump not running, leaks in air lines, or stopped up diffuser).

Lack of oxygen causes the microscopic "bug" colony, that consumes your organic waste, to die.  We lovingly nickname the aerobic microorganisms (microbes), "bugs", for ease in communication & understanding.

Step #2:  Examine the load coming into the system.  Heavy use of anything inorganic, like chemicals, soap, or medicines, or excessive water usage, i.e., too many laundry wash loads or raw water flowing from toilet valves leaking for example, can cause system failure.  Manufacturers recommend no more than one laundry wash load per day.  Loading anything inorganic can cause damage or death to your aerobic "bug" colony.   

Bio-Clean can be used to supplement a non existent or anemic "bug" colony.  We periodically add a couple of scoops to the aerobic tank of stressed aerobic systems and encourage the customer to implement a preventative drain maintenance routine of using one or two scoops of Bio-Clean per household drain periodically (treat 2-3 drains per month, rotating which drains are treated so that all get treated).  Some of the friendly Bio-Clean bacteria & enzymes wash through your household drain pipes and reach your aerobic trash tank.  For septic systems & cesspools, the manufacturer recommends flushing 1 cup of Bio-Clean per month down a toilet.  

You get dual usage out of Bio-Clean.  It is an effectve drain & drain pipe opener, cleaner & maintenance product that supplements your aerobic or septic system bacteria colony.  It is 100% safe, contains no harmful chemicals nor fumes.  Chemical drain openers only blast a hole through the clog and become more diluted and weaker the farther down a pipe they go, whereas Bio-Clean's self multiplying bacteria colony consumes organic waste up and down the inside of your pipes.  Think of a bathtub ring, if it is not cleaned often, imagine how thick the ring would become.  A similar buildup can occur all up and down the inside lining of your pipes.  Actual clogged drains may require more Bio-Clean treatments, use of plunger or cable and sufficient time to work.  Of course no product can fix mechanical or electrical problems. 

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